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    Untracked:  analysis/EvaleQTLs.Rmd
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    Untracked:  data/ChromHmmOverlap/
    Untracked:  data/DistTXN2Peak_genelocAnno/
    Untracked:  data/EmpiricalDists/
    Untracked:  data/ExampleQTLplot2/
    Untracked:  data/FeatureoverlapPeaks/
    Untracked:  data/GM12878.chromHMM.bed
    Untracked:  data/GM12878.chromHMM.txt
    Untracked:  data/GWAS_overlap/
    Untracked:  data/LianoglouLCL/
    Untracked:  data/LocusZoom/
    Untracked:  data/LocusZoom_Unexp/
    Untracked:  data/LocusZoom_proc/
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    Untracked:  data/NuclearApaQTLs.txt
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    Untracked:  data/PeakCounts_noMP_5perc/
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    Untracked:  data/PeakUsage_noMP/
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    Untracked:  data/PeaksUsed_noMP_5percCov/
    Untracked:  data/PolyA_DB/
    Untracked:  data/QTL_overlap/
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    Untracked:  data/RNAkalisto/
    Untracked:  data/RefSeq_annotations/
    Untracked:  data/Replicates_usage/
    Untracked:  data/Signal_Loc/
    Untracked:  data/TNcompExamp/
    Untracked:  data/TotalApaQTLs.txt
    Untracked:  data/Totalpeaks_filtered_clean.bed
    Untracked:  data/UnderstandPeaksQC/
    Untracked:  data/WASP_STAT/
    Untracked:  data/YL-SP-18486-T-combined-genecov.txt
    Untracked:  data/YL-SP-18486-T_S9_R1_001-genecov.txt
    Untracked:  data/YL_QTL_test/
    Untracked:  data/apaExamp/
    Untracked:  data/apaExamp_proc/
    Untracked:  data/apaQTL_examp_noMP/
    Untracked:  data/bedgraph_peaks/
    Untracked:  data/bin200.5.T.nuccov.bed
    Untracked:  data/bin200.Anuccov.bed
    Untracked:  data/bin200.nuccov.bed
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    Untracked:  data/comb_map_stats.xlsx
    Untracked:  data/comb_map_stats_39ind.csv
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    Untracked:  data/eQTLs_Lietal/
    Untracked:  data/ensemble_to_genename.txt
    Untracked:  data/example_gene_peakQuant/
    Untracked:  data/explainProtVar/
    Untracked:  data/filtPeakOppstrand_cov_noMP_GeneLocAnno_5perc/
    Untracked:  data/filtered_APApeaks_merged_allchrom_refseqTrans.closest2End.bed
    Untracked:  data/filtered_APApeaks_merged_allchrom_refseqTrans.closest2End.noties.bed
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    Untracked:  data/nuc_10up/
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    Untracked:  data/pQTL_otherphen/
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    Untracked:  data/peaks4DT/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_GeneLocAnno_noMP_5percov/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_GeneLocAnno_noMP_5percov_3UTR/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_diffWindow/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_opp/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_trans/
    Untracked:  data/perm_QTL_trans_filt/
    Untracked:  data/protAndAPAAndExplmRes.Rda
    Untracked:  data/protAndAPAlmRes.Rda
    Untracked:  data/protAndExpressionlmRes.Rda
    Untracked:  data/reads_mapped_three_prime_seq.csv
    Untracked:  data/reseqCounts/
    Untracked:  data/smash.cov.results.bed
    Untracked:  data/smash.cov.results.csv
    Untracked:  data/smash.cov.results.txt
    Untracked:  data/smash_testregion/
    Untracked:  data/ssFC200.cov.bed
    Untracked:  data/temp.file1
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    Untracked:  data/temp.gencov.test.txt
    Untracked:  data/temp.gencov_zero.test.txt
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    Untracked:  data/threePrimeSeqMetaData55Ind_noDup_WASPMAP.txt
    Untracked:  data/threePrimeSeqMetaData55Ind_noDup_WASPMAP.xlsx
    Untracked:  data/threePrimeSeqMetaData55Ind_redobatch4.xlsx
    Untracked:  data/~$threePrimeSeqMetaData55Ind_redobatch4.xlsx
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    Modified:   analysis/test.max2.Rmd
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html c2c77b6 Briana Mittleman 2019-02-15 Build site.
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Rmd 3fea644 Briana Mittleman 2019-02-07 add accountmapbias
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Rmd 6bac9f9 Briana Mittleman 2019-02-06 add distance plots for QC on APAqtls
html cc6b1ee Briana Mittleman 2019-02-05 Build site.
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Rmd 957a0ee Briana Mittleman 2019-02-01 initiate 55 ind pipeline
html a97adbc Briana Mittleman 2019-01-28 Build site.
Rmd a2911ff Briana Mittleman 2019-01-28 start analysis for new gene peak assignemnt
html 7120162 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-24 Build site.
Rmd 9df8d7e Briana Mittleman 2019-01-24 add linear model code with res for stephens lab
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Rmd fd184be Briana Mittleman 2019-01-22 add code for leafcutter on processed
html 6e22653 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-17 Build site.
Rmd 7eaae54 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-17 select peaks to use in deeptools plot
html a5d48fd Briana Mittleman 2019-01-16 Build site.
Rmd 6aa94e4 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-16 plots for 5% usage
html e088c55 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-14 Build site.
Rmd 6bc9243 Briana Mittleman 2019-01-14 evaluate clean reads, make new file for misprime filter
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Rmd 42fcbdd Briana Mittleman 2019-01-11 initialize mispriming approach file
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Rmd c3b3bbb Briana Mittleman 2019-01-03 start covariate correlation with pc analysis
html 785b821 Briana Mittleman 2018-12-20 Build site.
Rmd d99a6f3 Briana Mittleman 2018-12-20 initializa comparison analysis
html 6da90e9 Briana Mittleman 2018-12-11 Build site.
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Rmd 28e2214 Briana Mittleman 2018-12-10 start qtls by included PC analysis
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Rmd 655b582 Briana Mittleman 2018-12-05 PCA with batch and read count
html 210b58b Briana Mittleman 2018-11-29 Build site.
Rmd 413c8fd Briana Mittleman 2018-11-29 add filter QTL analysis and start explain pqtl
html 813a500 Briana Mittleman 2018-11-15 Build site.
Rmd 23c62c9 Briana Mittleman 2018-11-15 add locus zoom initial analysis
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Rmd b5f744f Briana Mittleman 2018-11-06 initiate flash2mash
html d01545f Briana Mittleman 2018-10-30 Build site.
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html 0428c8c Briana Mittleman 2018-10-29 Build site.
Rmd 42d0e3d Briana Mittleman 2018-10-29 add gwas overlap to index
html de860f0 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-24 Build site.
Rmd 96a97f4 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-24 add nuclear characterization
html 5649809 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-22 Build site.
Rmd c8dbaf0 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-22 add apa prot rna overlap
html eb02fbc Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 Build site.
Rmd f819c8e Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 add distance metric analsis total apaQTL
html a7e5fa2 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 Build site.
Rmd 1e7fbbb Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 update format
html 729c084 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 Build site.
Rmd 89f119a Briana Mittleman 2018-10-11 update format
html 22aa087 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-08 Build site.
Rmd 11f9dfa Briana Mittleman 2018-10-08 overlap molQTL opp dir
html 077ed60 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-08 Build site.
html 7369f8e Briana Mittleman 2018-10-02 Build site.
Rmd f66679b Briana Mittleman 2018-10-02 overlap plots at peak level
html 2e0d959 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 Build site.
Rmd 9d6ee03 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 add 4su plots
html da0f70e Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 Build site.
Rmd fecb046 Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 fix overlapfile
html ac983db Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 Build site.
Rmd 35142fb Briana Mittleman 2018-10-01 overlap QTL plots
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html aaed5fd Briana Mittleman 2018-09-26 Build site.
Rmd eda266e Briana Mittleman 2018-09-26 test peak to gene transcript dist
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Rmd a5f5276 Briana Mittleman 2018-08-30 initialize diff iso pipeline
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Rmd 6b1b51c brimittleman 2018-08-20 start qtl analsis, add to index
html c67380e brimittleman 2018-08-14 Build site.
html 38bfbaf brimittleman 2018-08-09 Build site.
Rmd 03761cb brimittleman 2018-08-09 start peak explore analysis for 54 libraries
html e5a8da6 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-30 Build site.
Rmd 422a428 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-30 add peak cove pipeline and combined lane qc
html 0398fdb Briana Mittleman 2018-07-25 Build site.
Rmd 2d41f11 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-25 add expand smash to index
html 3a5a8fe Briana Mittleman 2018-07-25 Build site.
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Rmd ca9cee9 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-17 add smash test to index
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Rmd 4fede84 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-16 add eval brain analysis
html cfc8f43 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-13 Build site.
Rmd 4a84769 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-13 add analysis for coparing coverage of RNAseq and 3’ seq
html 210cd2b Briana Mittleman 2018-07-05 Build site.
Rmd 8b622c3 Briana Mittleman 2018-07-05 add denovo to index
html ee777df Briana Mittleman 2018-06-26 Build site.
Rmd 789d8ef Briana Mittleman 2018-06-26 start test macs analysis. download package
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html 08b5934 Briana Mittleman 2018-06-13 Build site.
Rmd 642faf0 Briana Mittleman 2018-06-13 start PAS enrichment analysis
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Rmd 03c7b14 Briana Mittleman 2018-06-11 start A analysis
html 062808d Briana Mittleman 2018-06-07 Build site.
html 86cfd9f Briana Mittleman 2018-06-06 Build site.
Rmd a19683c Briana Mittleman 2018-06-06 start dif isoform analysis
html 710cf6a Briana Mittleman 2018-05-29 Build site.
Rmd d58bc13 Briana Mittleman 2018-05-29 start 200 bp analysis
html 96ecbb1 Briana Mittleman 2018-05-26 Build site.
Rmd 2076ce9 Briana Mittleman 2018-05-26 initial commit, gene level analysis
html b5cdd59 Briana Mittleman 2018-05-26 Build site.
Rmd 9a49459 Briana Mittleman 2018-05-26 start map qc analysis
html 924952b Briana Mittleman 2018-05-09 Build site.
Rmd f8ce0fc Briana Mittleman 2018-05-09 Update to 1.0
html f8ce0fc Briana Mittleman 2018-05-09 Update to 1.0
html 3dd80ef Briana Mittleman 2018-05-08 Build site.
Rmd 519447d Briana Mittleman 2018-05-08 Add total.nuc.rnaseq analysis
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Rmd 539892a Briana Mittleman 2018-05-01 Start workflowr project.

Briana Mittleman

This is the site I will use for my human 3’ seq project. I will have my workflow and analysis here. The three prime seq protocol I am using is Lexogen, QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq library kit. The first analysis will be on the total and nucleic fractions of the LCL used in the net-seq analysis found at

Initial analysis on RNA seq of nuclear and total fractions:

Explore and filter mis-primming:

Peak calling:

Rerun analysis opp strand:

Evaluate and learn from QTLs:

Analysis for all 39 indivduals:

Data analysis post MP cleaning and filtering

In the previous sections (specifically here) I reran some QC and the QTL analysis with the filtered and clean data. Here I want to look at some of the other analysis with the processed data.

55 Individuals

I now have 55 individuals. I am going to call peaks and QTLs in this data.

New processing pipeline - STAR with WASP

Reprocess after resequencing

After resequencing I am going to start using a new data folder to differentiate the new processing. This will be data_reseq. I will also create a new snakefile for the new pipeline.